Stay on top of your budgets with Toggl alerts

Wed 20 June 2012

This week, the lovely KRED of Research Salad blogged about a cloud time-tracking service we use called Toggl. This nifty tool allows you to keep track of your project hours for multiple clients, with multiple rates via the web, a desktop app, or a smartphone app. It has a clean, simple interface and it makes it easy for you to have an overview of your team's hours per project, or even export your hours to a billing service of your choice for easy reconciliation. Of the time-tracking systems I've used, it's the least painful by far.

Today, they've released yet another feature that resolves one of the few peeves I have about time-tracking: it's called workspace alarms and what it does is notify you when your project begins to reach your budgetted time allocation. This is practical when you're doing contract work and need to keep on top of how much time you spend on a project; if you're a librarian like KRED and you're not tracking your time for a client but rather for yourself, this is useful for keeping tabs on the amount of time you've set aside for a type of activity. Finally, as a project manager, it's always good to know how accurate your estimate is -- alerts are a good way to keep you in check.

Happy time-tracking,