1. Oh joy -- wifi issues on Windows 7 (part 2)

    Thu 01 December 2011

    Last week, I thought I had discovered the reason why my wifi profiles weren't sticking on my windows box. Yeah, that didn't do squat - the quest continues.

     I used SysInternals' Process Monitor to try and make heads or tails of what's going on, but found little useful information. As far …

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  2. Oh joy -- wifi issues on Windows 7

    Fri 25 November 2011

    This has been driving me nuts lately... Ever since I went back on Windows 7 I've had a crap-load of trouble with it storing my wifi connections. I have at least 5 locations that I visit on a regular basis and as you can imagine it's a pain to have …

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  3. Quick analysis of a trojan targetting swiss users

    Wed 23 November 2011

    We've seen a couple of cases of this trojan hitting client computers lately; unfortunately, the security bulletin by the CYCO doesn't have much yet in terms of information on IP addresses, domain names, or what else the trojan might be doing in the background, so I dusted off the old …

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  4. Ironkey settings stick, even in read-only mode

    Tue 22 November 2011

    I am writing this post as a bit of a sanity check, perhaps someone out there can help me by comparing notes or providing explanations :)

    Yesterday, I was using my IK to perform a memory dump for forensic analysis on a system infected with a trojan. I've used a CD …

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  5. Inventory fun with Kaseya and Service Tags...

    Fri 02 September 2011

    ... aka "how to grab all your dell service tags from kaseya and pipe them to Dell without going crazy". I think the first title is catchier.

    I'm sure that you sysadmins out there have been asked by your Finance department to provide an inventory of IT equipment; usually this is …

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  6. OpenVPN like a boss

    Tue 02 August 2011

    So tomorrow, I fly off to DefCON :-) I always have a blast when I go there! However, I always like to take a few precautions - all electronic shit that goes with me has to go completely reghosted and anonymized. And when I get back, you better believe that I wipe …

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  7. SQL annoyances

    Mon 25 July 2011

    So here's a nice little pickle I got myself into: migrating an SQL Server 2008 database to another server this morning, I'm confronted with a nice little F-U message:

    The database "x" cannot be opened because it is version 661. This server supports version 655 and earlier. A downgrade path …
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  8. Making your Regional Settings consistent across your domain

    Mon 28 March 2011

    I'm back in Geneva safe, sound, and all in one piece! SANS Barcelona was a great experience. Got to meet some fantastic folks and learn a whole lot more about forensics :)

    But this post isn't about last week - I'm going to need a whole lot more time to blog about …

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  9. Network Access Control with a Juniper switch and RADIUS

    Mon 14 February 2011

    For the past two to three weeks, I've been testing out an EX4200 switch on loan to us from Juniper. It's been pretty damn sweet - that thing has a lot of really great monitoring and prevention features.

    One thing that's been kicking my ass, though, is setting up the switch …

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