1. Better netflow visualization with code_swarm coolness!

    Sat 21 April 2012

    Howdy all,

    In my last post, I may have mentioned codeswarm, a nifty tool for visualizing how frequently a software project gets updated throughout time. Since it's an open-source project, I figured that it was worth having a look at the code and seeing if there are other uses for …

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  2. Ubuntu as your hypervisor

    Mon 27 February 2012

    Ubuntu is a free server operating system that is easy to maintain and build on.  I'm a big fan; and recently, I've been using it to run our development environments at the office.  If, like us, you're looking to build a low-cost environment for non-production work, here's an article that …

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  3. Extracting install files uploaded to Kace

    Fri 10 February 2012

    I've been working on Kace more and more recently, and I have come to realise that once you upload a binary file for a managed installation, you can't download it again... At least, not easily. The following is one possible way for you to extract your binary back out of …

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  4. Oh joy -- wifi issues on Windows 7 (part 2)

    Thu 01 December 2011

    Last week, I thought I had discovered the reason why my wifi profiles weren't sticking on my windows box. Yeah, that didn't do squat - the quest continues.

     I used SysInternals' Process Monitor to try and make heads or tails of what's going on, but found little useful information. As far …

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