1. Sharepoint auditing - a few thoughts

    Fri 19 April 2013

    I have a colleague that's been updating a sharepoint permissions matrix lately. It's a good practice (I'd go as far as to say that it's a must) to maintain such a matrix, in a format that is understandable to non-technical folk. It's good for IT departments, who need to periodically …

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  2. CISPA - do you know what it is?

    Fri 19 April 2013

    This one's a short one, but it's important. It concerns not just our family, friends and colleagues in the United States, even though they will be the ones most affected. This is about CISPA, the latest in a series of bills to strip people of their right to privacy.

    CISPA …

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  3. Truncating your SQL 2008 Database with a few lines of SQL...

    Tue 05 February 2013

    Here's a scenario you may be familiar with: you've got yourself a nice Sharepoint setup that you've gotten to run rather nicely. Conscientious admin that you are, you've set up a good, solid maintenance plan that checks your database health, backs up your database and transaction log... But all of …

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  4. The Importance of prototyping

    Fri 24 August 2012

    In my current job, one of my roles is to take people's needs and turn them into software. I've helped develop and evolve the software engineering process in my company over the last ten years, and I find it interesting that of all of the documentation we produce, the most …

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  5. Mandatory BYOD

    Fri 29 June 2012

    I was reading a ZDNet article this morning which observed that more and more executives think about making BYOD mandatory. I know that some of my clients are thinking about it, and if you read the article it makes sense, in a certain way - it's less expensive to companies if …

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