Better netflow visualization, part II

Sun 27 May 2012

I've been looking into netflow visualization tools since my little experiment last week and have seen a couple of interesting visualization tools. I checked out an article on IT World on visualizing netflow, which pointed to AfterGlow and GraphViz; I also looked at Plixer Labs' blog; they offer commercial netflow visualization tools. Finally, I've been browsing through resources mentioned in Raffael Marty's site. Though these sites offer up impressive information on visualization tools (both commercial and free), I was unable to find anything about time-stepped visualization of traffic. This may in fact be a testament to my laziness and/or lack of trying, in which case I do apologize.

I figured that I should give time-stepped traffic visualization a shot on my own; so I dusted off my old college book on OpenGL and went to work figuring out how I might code a tool similar to codeswarm's but intended for large volumes of traffic.

A quick shout-out to my wife (KRED on Research Salad) is in order, I believe. Kay, if you're reading this: happy birthday, babe. Thanks for the ten years of laughs, sending me my favorite comic books from across the pond, and regularly assaulting me with a gazillion infosec links - don't know how you can read all of them, I certainly can't! Finally, thanks for putting up with the late nights and early mornings working, supporting this crabby ol' geek through thick and thin!